What if you could show clients your existing showroom, exhibit booth, or production facilities so that they have a better understanding of your services and processes? With 360 virtual tours, you can do that, and the best part is that clients don’t have to leave the comfort of their home!

We can shoot panoramic 360° images of your showcase locations with our special cameras and add interactive hotspots - so visitors can discover and explore your products and services digitally anytime and anyplace in the form of a virtual reality tour. Discover our example: https://haensler-medical.boothhoster.com/

Why 360 virtual tours?

  • You can optimise the return on investment of your existing showroom/exhibit booth/premises
  • They’re an accurate and interactive replica of any physical location
  • They boost customer trust
  • Shot with special, high-end equipment
  • Limitless sales opportunities with a minimum investment
  • You can add hotspots with product information and weblinks
  • You can integrate interactive 3D product presentation (real-time rendering)
  • They can be leveraged at future events to optimise you return on investment