Their group of companies has a worldwide setup and develops, manufactures, and installs high-grade refractories for high-temperature industrial processes. As a systems supplier, they offer customized and all-inclusive refractory solutions for all major industrial sectors.
Award winning virtual booth with customized CAD-design
Special options:
3D-product integration
Actress video presenter
Digital events
Live events
Conference calls

Why did REFRA opt for virtual booths?

Event cancellation was an opportunity for Refra to question their past participation at events that were expensive, logistically-challenging, and environmentally-harmful. In contrast, virtual booths allow Refra to present its product range remotely anytime and anyplace. The 3D integration of machines enables the company to clearly showcase products and technology to existing and potential clients around the world. Simple, seamless and effective.


How does REFRA use virtual booths?

REFRA decided to first leverage it during the ECTS Virtual Ceramic Technology Exhibition, which took place digitally in June 2021. This was a great add-on and major differentiator from all other digital exhibitors (which only had an old-fashioned company profile page to promote their range). REFRA plans to continue using virtual booths at other online events in coming months.

Between online events, REFRA’s virtual booth can also be accessed online by employees and blue-chip clients (username and password required).

REFRA’s sales reps show clients their digital tour on tablets at live events – avoiding high exhibition costs.

REFRA’s HR department has also been leveraging this virtual booth to hire new employees: presenting a contemporary and forward-looking company image to attract job candidates.


Why 3D-product integration?

REFRA wanted to realistically show how its product looked and the various applications.  We converted REFRA’s *.3mf data (3D Manufacturing Format) into 3DS Max that was enhanced with realistic and accurate textures.


Why Video Presenter?

First impressions count. Exhibitors use attractive and knowledgeable staff to welcome visitors at live exhibitions, so why not do the same for online events?

REFRA also embraces a friendly video presenter because it makes “a booth look more real” and “visitors feel happier with a customised welcome”.